Leadership Roles

Instructors, band managers, band coaches, and other mentors come from all over to volunteer at Camp. Many are talented musicians with years of experience in writing, performing, recording, and touring with their bands or as solo artists.

Professional support with teachers, nurses and registered councillors is provided in both the planning stages as well as during the camp. We hold a three hour mandatory volunteer orientation and training session offered in two sessions before the beginning of camp.

Girls Rock Camp Vancouver welcomes new volunteers throughout the year for our Organizing Committee (meetings are held every two weeks).

Girls Rock Camp Vancouver strives to create an empowering atmosphere for girls & non-binary children and youth by challenging the stereotypes surrounding the music industry. It is important for Girls Rock Camp Vancouver to create an environment where music is taught by women, for women, so that the youth feel empowered to get involved in all aspects of music making.

Our leadership positions (working directly with youth) are open to all women, in order to maintain dynamics and present positive role models.

The organization welcomes the support of male-identified allies, and expects male-identified allies who would like to volunteer to respect the importance of leadership by women.

Non-leadership roles are open to any individuals regardless of gender identity, and we are committed to maintaining an atmosphere of diversity, inclusion and respect for all individuals throughout the camp community.

We acknowledge that gender is an ongoing and important issue. Girls Rock Camp Vancouver is always open to further discussion surrounding this topic. Feel free to contact us with comments, questions or suggestions on how to best make camp an inclusive space for everyone.