How to Volunteer


What we do at camp would not be possible without our amazing team of volunteers. Some of our volunteer positions require musical knowledge, but many do not. Mentorship positions are open to women volunteers, but there are several non-mentorship positions open to all genders.

Please note that while several of our summer camp volunteer positions require week long participation, many do not. For more information see volunteer job descriptions in the application. During the application and interview process is a good time to ask questions, but please feel free to e-mail throughout the year (and we are always accepting new volunteers to join our year-round Organizing Committee).

Our volunteers are people who place the best interests of youth and their physical and emotional safety above all else; who understand and believe in the Camp’s mission; who will show up at Camp every day (if the position calls for it), on time, and ready to work; and who are willing to participate and be present. Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us!

Camp Week

The objective of our camp is to provide a supportive space for 30-35 girls and non-binary children and youth, where they build self-esteem through music creation and performance. Throughout the week, campers learn a main instrument and are coached through the experience of playing within a band setting. Campers also attend workshops with talented mentors in subjects such as Songwriting, Self-Defense, Image and Identity, Zine-Making, Screen-Printing and Gear Education including gear set up and maintenance. There is a showcase on the Saturday where campers perform their songs live in front of their friends and family and the community.

Important Dates

Application Deadline:
Phone Interviews Begin:
Notification of Volunteer Status Begins:
Volunteer Orientations:
Camp Dates:

How to Apply to Volunteer for Camp

Please read these instructions carefully and fill out the application form.

Phone Interview

After we receive your application, we will contact you to schedule a phone interview. If you’ve volunteered with us before, it’ll be a shorter call.


Upon acceptance, you will be contacted to confirm your shifts. If you do not confirm by the appropriate date, your spot will be made available to someone on the wait list. As part of the confirmation process, you will be asked to fill out and return four documents: The Volunteer Shift Agreement, Code of Conduct Agreement, Assumption of Risk, and Media Release. These formed can be signed at the volunteer orientation. We will also have extras on the first day of camp.

Criminal Record Check

Because our work involves minors, all volunteers must undergo a criminal record check, this process is now free and is processed through the Criminal Records Review Program. You cannot volunteer without the completion of this background check! More information will be provided during your phone interview.

The Volunteer Handbook

You will be emailed the Volunteer Handbook and other useful teaching tools. These contain additional information about your position and how camp works in general. Please read everything before orientation! 

Orientation & Training

We have a three hour mandatory orientation and training session offered in two sessions:

Please consider this session the first day of your volunteer shift. We will cover all up-to-date information on maintaining a safe and fun camp, including: teaching strategies, troubleshooting, and what to expect on the first day. This is also a time when volunteers get to know each other. If you are coming from out of town and have never volunteered with us before, you will need to arrive in Vancouver by Saturday morning. Volunteers who absolutely cannot be present for the volunteer orientation need to notify the volunteer coordinator ahead of time.

Accommodations for Out of Town Volunteers

We are not able to provide accommodations for volunteers. However, we may be able to help you find a local host. When you confirm your ability to volunteer with us, you will have a chance to request a host, and we’ll do our best to find one for you.

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